Clear Creek Organic Farms

When I learned about Clear Creek Organic Farms I knew I needed to visit. The moment we arrived, I realized we had landed in a very special place. Clear Creek is located near Spalding, NE. It is owned and operated by Robert and Kristine Bernt and their twelve children. This family has an amazing work ethic and a strong belief in raising healthy, nutritious food. Bob graciously sacrificed two hours from his busy day to give us a tour of their facility while his family smiled and waved as they worked around the farm. Clear Creek offers raw milk and cream from their organic farm. Their herd produces A2 protein milk. Some people who have a low tolerance for dairy products are able to consume raw A2 protein milk. The Bernt family also produces butter (both raw and pasteurized/salted and unsalted), ice cream and amazing varieties of cheese including raw cheddar. Clear Creek has an on-site facility for processing the animals raised on their farm as well as a commercial kitchen. Bob shares my belief that heathy plants are raised in healthy soil. He sends his vegetables to a lab to be tested for nutrients. As an example, he shared the results of a test conducted on a carrot from his farm versus a conventionally grown carrot. The conventionally grown carrot tested high in sodium due to the amount of chemicals in the soil while his organically grown carrot did not. Two fistfuls of his soil contain over 22,000 living microbes that nurture the vegetables grown in his gardens. Bob uses a mixture of raw milk mixed with Epsom salts and sugar to prevent pests in his gardens...a practice we will be experimenting with on the flower farm. Clear Creek delivers their products through their coop to Omaha and Columbus. Visit their Facebook group...Clear Creek Coop (Omaha Metro) for more information. The coop delivers from spring to late fall and stops when milk production ceases. We would LOVE to have a Clear Creek coop established for Fremont! Please contact the farm or myself! If there is enough interest, maybe we can make that happen next year! In the meantime, I’ll be supporting this farm and family by making the occasional road trip to Clear Creek Organic Farms to purchase their amazing products!