Honey Fermented Garlic Cloves

It’s time to prepare for the upcoming cold and flu season! Honey Fermented Garlic Cloves help lessen the effect of colds and viruses....even keeping them at bay! It takes about a month for this ferment to be ready so now is a great time to get started. Use caution if purchasing heads of garlic. American grown garlic will still have it’s roots attached. Garlic imported from China and other countries will have had it’s roots removed. Peeling garlic cloves can be a tedious job but we personally avoid pre-peeled cloves since we’re not sure what they have been rinsed in to inhibit mold growth. Fremont’s Hy-Vee carries beautiful heads of garlic with large cloves that are easy to peel. Their produce manager assures me this is the only variety they sell. We have local, raw honey coming to the shop sometime next week. If you need some before our open house please send me a message and we’ll arrange a pick up time for you!