Change For The Future

There were many subjects addressed at Monday’s Regenerate Nebraska conference but as someone who researches and ferments food, this one really grabbed my attention. Notice the word ‘Microbiome’ on this presentation! We’ve all learned about our own microbiome and how caring for it by consuming nutritious food is essential for our overall health. The soil in which we grow that food is also alive and it’s microbiome needs to be supported in order for it to stay healthy. What a beautiful connection between us and our planet! Sadly, our current model of food production is killing our soil. A comment was made over and over again that scientists have determined if we continue down this path, we have less than 60 harvests left in our future. Think about the impact this will have for the environment we are leaving for future generations. There was a wonderful line-up of speakers for this event. We learned so much about regenerative beef, poultry, dairy and prairie restoration from people living right here in Nebraska! More on some of them later. For now I am just excited to know there can be positive changes for our future and am grateful to have met some of the people who are making those changes!