Growing Celery

Celery is easy to grow in our Nebraska gardens and it is a plant that continues to give back! We dig a plant or two after our fall harvest and plant them in a pot. After a short period of time the plants begin to regrow providing us with access to fresh, fragrant celery during the winter months. We keep our plants in the greenhouse but a sunny window in your house will work just as well. Celery can be diced and frozen for use in recipes. Larger pieces with leaves can be used in bone broth. Celery leaves can be dried for use as a seasoning or used to make homemade celery salt. Combine celery with water in your Instant Pot. Add veggie scraps, garlic and your choice of seasonings. Program the Instant Pot for 60 minutes on manual/pressure cook and allow pressure to naturally release. Strain through a colander, add some milk or cream and thicken with corn or potato starch for homemade cream of celery soup. So many uses! Celery plants will be available in our greenhouse this spring!