An Update!

Hope everyone's New Year is off to a great start! I've taken a break to regroup and reorganize after a very busy 2016 growing season but will be back soon with some great new recipes!

It gets pretty hectic on our flower farm in the summer. In addition to maintaining our many flower gardens, freeze drying the flowers from them, caring for 100 plus container gardens, growing in our greenhouse and running our gift shop (Whew!)...we raise a big vegetable garden and preserve our produce. Our 2016 harvest yielded:

173 Quarts of Fermented Food

104 Pints and 49 Quarts of Canned/Pressure Canned Food

232 Quarts and 37 Gallons of Frozen Food

16 Quarts of Dehydrated Food

The meat and vegetables we do not grow ourselves are obtained from the local family farmers with whom we have built trusted relationships. It's been a joyful journey!

I do a little treasure hunting for our gift shop in the winter and I scored a HUGE fermenting treasure at yesterday's auction! 50 of these vintage glass canning jar lids that will make the perfect weights in wide mouth canning jars for only $13.00! What a find!

Will be back soon! Until then...

Happy Fermenting!