Pickled Eggs With Fermented Brine

Another great use for the leftover brine from a ferment! Personally, my favorite brine for this recipe is from fermented beets (called Kvass). The eggs absorb the deep red brine and become a beautiful maroon color. Unfortunately, no one else in my house will go near a beet, so I compromise and use another leftover brine and add a tablespoon of ground turmeric to each quart jar. Everyone is pleased with the flavor and golden yellow color. The bonus is that turmeric is widely recognized for it's anti-inflammatory properties! Add a few onion slices for extra flavor and prebiotics.

For each wide mouth quart jar place 6 to 10 peeled and cooled hard boiled eggs and layer with onion slices. Insure the eggs are whole and have no cracks to the whites. Cracks will allow the brine to seep into the yolk of an egg and ruin it's texture. Add your choice of brine to the jar and use a proper weighting method to keep everything submerged. Eggs do not ferment but will absorb the colors and properties of the brine. Eggs should be immediately placed into refrigeration and never left at room temperature. After 48 hours they will be ready to enjoy and should be consumed within a week.

Instant Pot Instructions for Hard Boiled Eggs:

Bring eggs to room temperature. Place 1 cup of water into the liner of the Instant Pot. Place eggs on trivet. Select Manual or High Pressure for 5 minutes.  Allow a 5 minute Natural Pressure Release then perform a quick release. Place eggs into an ice water bath for 5 minutes then peel.

Pickled Eggs.jpg