Instant Pot Beef Tongue

Venturing a bit out of my comfort zone! Looks like a lovely roast, doesn't it?'s not. Its a beef tongue cooked in the Instant Pot. My mother-in-law cooked the occasional tongue for her family when the kids were growing up on the farm. Ken was delighted and said I cooked it perfectly. Just like his mom! Tacos De Lengua for dinner!

Place tongue in Instant Pot liner. Add 3 cups of water or broth, salt, pepper, garlic and a bay leaf together with onion and celery. Place on manual or high pressure for 50 minutes. Allow pressure to naturally release. Cool slightly and remove skin (I made Ken do that part). Slice, dice and serve on warmed tortilla shells with diced onion, salsa or other condiments of your choice.

Beef Tongue.jpg